About Us


As Twins Group, we are transferring our experience from the education and publishing sectors to the stationery sector with our brand ‘KU-KA’. With the excitement of raising a quality generation and the indescribable joy of touching passionate hearts, we offer our products to the industry first and foremost with the principles of health and quality. We produce educational materials that are scientific, qualified, principled, and of high quality, tailored to the appropriate age level, and tested by experienced educators.

The main theme of our production, emotional intelligence and visual perception, has been carefully prepared to enhance children’s abilities to recognize, comprehend, notice others’ emotions, and express their own emotions.

With the knowledge gained from children’s dreams, which are the hope for the future, we prepare them for a better future. We strive to achieve these goals with a mission of entirely domestic production. We produce our products in accordance with EU standards and represent our country in the global market. With the strength we receive from our business partners in Turkey and the global market, we strive to produce the best.

We consider it our duty to meet customer requirements on time and in full, regularly measure our customers’ perceptions and expectations, improve service quality within the framework of our resources, and take measures to increase customer satisfaction.

In this context, we work with all our strength to manage our activities and become an exemplary organization in terms of quality in the stationery manufacturing sector.

With the principle of ‘Every child is special,’ we hope to bring our products together with little hearts and together build future generations.”